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Visit Terry Hutchinson - 22
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Terry Hutchinson

Terry Hutchinson | What Do You Do After You Fail?

Skipper & President of Sailing Operations, American Magic

Visit Mike Pence - 20
VP Pence
Mike Pence

Mike Pence | What Makes a Good Leader?

48th Vice President of the United States

A podcast with a purpose: Spark solutions from within ourselves.

Believe! is all about asking questions. Questions that will get you thinking as much as Doug's guests.

Doug will be interviewing some of America's most interesting people — from sports stars to community leaders to business founders to innovative thinkers from all walks of life. He'll get to the bottom of their beliefs while sharing his own.

Every step of the way, he'll surface practical solutions to the problems that surround us. And he'll shine a light on the paths to action that we can all take.

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Hosted by Doug DeVos

Doug DeVos is one of America's most influential business leaders and philanthropists. He's spent his life inspiring people to become agents of change in their communities, companies, and our country as a whole.

Featured In:

  • Harvard Business Review
  • The Hill
  • Crain's Detroit
  • The Detroit News
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“Doug, I don't think I've ever listened to a Podcast in my life, but I've heard you speak in the past with great passion. I think I will listen in.”

– Tim

“Your father's book has become a life blueprint! This is great. Look forward to your podcast!”

– Mary