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How Do You Find Your Best Path In Life?

Chase Koch didn’t grow up the way you’d expect. The son of one of America’s most suc­cess­ful entre­pre­neurs, he spent his teenage years shov­el­ing manure. It taught him to be open to new expe­ri­ences and per­spec­tives, which is how he’s achiev­ing suc­cess today. Let’s see what Chase believes about how you can unlock your poten­tial – and ulti­mate­ly thrive.

Key Moments

  • 3:35 Two Paths, You Make The Decision
  • 7:50 Welcome to Koch Industries
  • 11:00 A Winding Path
  • 14:00 I Fired Myself
  • 17:15 Creative Destruction
  • 21:00 Disrupting Your Own Life
  • 24:30 Personal North Star
  • 28:45 How Did I Get Here?
  • 33:00 Rising From The Ashes
  • 39:00 Stand Together, Jam Together
  • 47:00 Bottom-Up
  • 54:00 Principled, Social Change Entrepreneurs
  • 58:10 Just Stop