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Why does everyone hate Washington, D.C.? | Michael Anton

Why does every­one hate Wash­ing­ton, D.C., no mat­ter who’s in pow­er? Michael Anton has been think­ing about this a long time. A pop­u­lar writer, speak­er, and pub­lic thinker about all things pol­i­tics, he has strong opin­ions about a lot of press­ing issues – and not every­one agrees with him. Let’s see what Michael believes about get­ting our gov­ern­ment back on track.

Key Moments

  • 03:30 Why aren't things working the way they should?
  • 08:00 How do we find our way to the truth?
  • 10:46 Are our institutions earning our trust?
  • 15:00 How can the administrative state be reigned in?
  • 17:50 Who really makes the rules?
  • 21:00 Do we have the full story on Jan. 6th?
  • 26:00 What's the solution to over-criminalization?
  • 35:32 What's so wrong with central planning?
  • 37:48 How can we take back control of our lives?
  • 42:20 Can individualism be taken too far?