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Why Do You Want What You Want?

Look­ing to know your­self bet­ter? Luke Bur­gis pro­vides the mir­ror. The author of the fas­ci­nat­ing book, Want­i­ng,” he’s spent years learn­ing how tech­nol­o­gy, rela­tion­ships, pol­i­tics, eco­nom­ics, and edu­ca­tion shape our desires, often for the worse. Let’s see what Luke believes about how you can pur­sue a bet­ter life – a life of meaning.

Key Moments

  • 4:30 Fancy word for Imitation
  • 10:00 How'd you get here?
  • 19:30 Outside-in
  • 35:00 Tell more stories
  • 43:30 The 3 City Problem