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How Do We Think Outside the “Box”?

Khali Sweeney was going to end up in jail. Then he real­ized he could make a change. After teach­ing him­self to read, he start­ed Down­town Box­ing Gym in Detroit, Michi­gan. He’s helped more than 300 inner-city kids trans­form their lives, too. Let’s see what Khali believes about empow­er­ing peo­ple to take charge of their futures – espe­cial­ly peo­ple soci­ety ignores.

Key Moments

  • 02:40 Boxing is just the "hook"
  • 03:38 Why are you always fighting?
  • 09:15 The scariest place
  • 13:20 A new path
  • 19:00 Strange duck
  • 23:00 Delegate or stagnate
  • 40:00 Everyone listen
  • 49:00 Failing vs. failure