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Are You Deceiving Yourself?

John Dick­son says a lot of our most com­mon beliefs and assump­tions are actu­al­ly back­wards. The host of the pop­u­lar Unde­cep­tions” pod­cast, he’s unpacked this claim in every­thing from faith to his­to­ry to sci­ence. Let’s see what John believes about truth – and how you can stop deceiv­ing your­self and start dis­cov­er­ing reality.

Key Moments

  • 01:58 John's Grand Rapids connection
  • 08:30 What is the "good news"?
  • 20:30 What does history teach us about Christianity?
  • 35:00 Science vs. Religion - do they mix?
  • 41:05 How do you form a belief system?
  • 52:50 Christianity on the decline
  • 1:05 What sums of your beliefs?