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Why is Charity Under Attack? | Elise Westhoff

Does Amer­i­ca need char­i­ty? Elise West­hoff is the expert. As CEO of the Phil­an­thropy Round­table, she knows a lot of wor­thy caus­es – and sees cause for con­cern in how a lot of peo­ple look at char­i­ty. Let’s see what Elise believes about the best ways to give our time, tal­ent, and treasure.

Key Moments

  • 03:25 What is the Philanthropy Roundtable?
  • 06:50 Why is America the most generous country in the world?
  • 09:30 When does charity actually help those in need?
  • 11:50 How did America's founding principles spur generosity?
  • 19:30 Should giving really be encouraged by a tax deduction?
  • 21:10 How do you build aligned charitable communities?
  • 22:40 How are activist trying to censor and control charitable giving?
  • 36:30 What are Donor Advised Funds?
  • 40:10 How did COVID-19 affect giving?
  • 45:25 How do you bring an entrepreneurial spirit to philanthropy?